Hi, I am Buo. Ever since I knew how to read time from a watch I am fascinated by these small and incredible machines created to organize our days and life. Due to this passion, I grew up reading about all kinds of watches while trying to figure out the technology behind them. At one moment of my life, I wanted to share my infatuation for watches with other people like me. So ‘www.watchiwatches.com‘ was born with the inspiration of my friends.

I have a very strong belief that your watch says a lot about you. In the world of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, I still prefer and appreciate people who wear a watch. A watch is an unsaid statement that reflects their attitude to the world and adds dynamism to their personality.

This blog is a sincere effort to help everyone who wishes to seek guidance regarding the purchase of a watch or any other issue related to watches.  In this journey of mine, I have been helped by many people around me. Seeing my fervor for watches my family gave me the best support and encouragement in being an expert guide in watch technology. Not only this, I am regarded as the best advisor for watch shopping among my family and friends. I am known as a “watch” man.

Through this blog, I share some valuable tips to buy watches that other people may not be aware of. I have written buying guides to follow before purchasing a watch, wherein anyone can understand the features to look into a watch and short reviews for some of the best watch models. Through this online platform, I also share a lot other informational articles and write-ups so that my readers can get the best from their purchase.

Though I have a different line of career but I find a great satisfaction in learning about watches. To pursue my passion at a serious level, I actually went through some certificate courses in watch technology. I am a self learner and I spend all my free time in minutely studying watches physically and virtually. I spend hours in reading about the recent models of watches in all brands.

I am a friendly person and want to reach out to people who may benefit from my knowledge, expertise, and suggestions. This website is a personal space where I could help others while nurturing my passion. I get a very positive feedback from my readers who appreciate genuine reviews about watches. I have a small team of hardworking people who technically help me in sharing the articles through this blog. I have learnt so many things in website creation and uploading an article as well. It’s all the love and admiration I get from my readers that I feel highly encouraged to add quality to my content making it worth reading. I keep looking forward to positive and constructive suggestions. So, keep me updated with your feedback and ideas. I am a firm believer of adapting to change!

I hope you find my blog helpful in answering your queries. Enjoy your stay on www.watchiwatches.com