Skagen Anita Sub Eye leather Watch SKW2415 Review

Skagen Anita Sub Eye leather Watch SKW2415 Review

The Skagen Anita sub eye leather strap watch is a treat for those who wear a watch every day. Being the latest addition to the Anita family of Skagen watches, this watch has a three-piece case construction. The beautifully sophisticated and elegant watch is a perfect time piece exuding simplicity and quality in design.
This well-built and masterfully well-proportioned watch will get you many compliments from people all around you. It is a must have for the design conscious amongst us who enjoy being the trend setters in a group. This minimalist designed watch has a clean look which exudes an aura of design appreciation, reliability and spot on functionality to complete and augment the master designer of designers look

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• Band style: The professional looking Anita sub-eye watch has a leather band in black color. The 14 mm band width of the sub eye leather watch is perfect for fragile and slim wrists. It is accompanied with a silver buckle that provides closure and keeps it secure in your hand. As an everyday watch, the Anita sub eye leather watch perfectly goes with almost all attires including office suits, casuals or dresses.
• Dial style and width: The round white dial of this professional looking watch has a diameter of 34 mm. Built from stainless steel, the silver tone dial goes best with its white background. The hours are represented by numbers written in Arabian numerals. The hour and minute hand is made up of sleek silver batons. Augmented with nice sized numerals, the watch is quite easy to read with a passing glance. There is a sub dial near 6 hour which represents seconds only. The time piece has a curved crystal clear glass face. Its polished and clean appearances helps to bring out the best from within us. Besides its beautifying effect, the high quality hardened curved mineral glass adds to the beauty of the watch as well as ensuring a scragtchproof surface able to handle everyday knocks without a fuss. The quality glass will keep the watch looking at its best for many years to come.
• Sleekness and weight: The signature watch from Skagen is a slim masterpiece. It is a perfect lightweight star watch which you can easily wear all day long.
• Comfortable fit: The soft black leather strap watch is very comfortable to wear. It sits comfortably on the skin and has a secure closure. The grip of this watch is really awesome and is never troubling. The flawless design is enhanced with the super comfort of wearing such an amicable product.
• Water resistance: Being an everyday watch, you can wear it anywhere you want to. The watch is water resistant up to 165 feet. It is perfect for almost any task like gardening, laundry etc. you can wear it while taking shower, swimming, diving or during rainfall. Every excuse not to take it off!
• Warranty: The everlasting design from Skagen is loaded with a lifetime warranty. So, no worries at all just keep wearing it as if it belongs on your wrist.
• Price of the watch: This flawless craftsmanship is available at an unimaginable bargain and inexpensive price one can hardly imagine is possible. Only Skagen can provide you timeless luxury at this super affordable price.
• Amazon rating: The wide acceptance of the watch can be appreciated from its 4.4 star rating given by 9 Amazon buyers in such short time.

This Skagen Anita Sub Eye leather Watch SKW2415 Review will help open up the exceptionally creative aura of excellence delivered by its flawless design.

I hope this Skagen Anita Sub Eye leather Watch SKW2415 Review will help you realise how wonderful this watch is. Being inexpensive with delightful features is a bonus. It is such a great buy that can be bought without giving even a second thought. A welcome addition to any watch collection with many years of enjoyment.

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