Authentic Garnet Earrings Are a Good Investment

Authentic Garnet Earrings Are a Good Investment

Garnet jewelry is a classic gift that suits women of all ages and garnet earrings are one of the most popular jewelry purchases in today’s jewelry market. If you already have a garnet necklace and bracelet you will definitely want to get authentic garnet earrings to complete your set. If you are a man and want to impress your girlfriend or wife, you’ll definitely be able to if you buy her authentic garnet earrings.
January’s Birthstone

Garnet is the birthstone for January and is much loved for its gorgeous red color, but has other mineral color variations too that a lot of people are not aware of. This gemstone has been used in jewelry pieces since the Bronze Age and has endured the test of time. There are actually six common species of garnet which include grossular garnet (or grossularite), rhodonite, almandine, hessonite, and spessatite (or spessartine) and tsavorite. However, a rare blue garnet was discovered in Madagascar in 1990 so if you really want to impress your spouse or girlfriend you might want to shop around and buy her earrings made from the rare blue garnet gemstone. Most women only think of garnet as being a brilliant red color though, but other colors of garnet earrings can be found that range from oranges, pink, browns and black and even green.

Use Caution

Be careful though when shopping for high quality garnet earrings. Some manufacturers dye the stones to deepen the color of substandard specimens. If you buy the ones that have been died you should always keep them in a dry place away from sunlight. You will not have any trouble finding quality garnet earrings as they are pretty easy to find so don’t settle for died garnet if you don’t have too. Just be sure and ask the jeweler if they have been died.


Garnet earrings can be purchased in the form of studs or the dangling earring type. They also come in different cuts such as round, heart, square, oblong, etc. The supporting metals and other stones in the garnet earring set will affect their value. You can find beautiful garnet earrings set in sterling silver or gold with various other jewels like diamonds. If you invest in high quality garnet earrings you will be able to pass them down to your ancestors as your earrings can outlive you if they are given excellent care. People who invest in garnet will never go wrong. As with all other gemstones, garnet has a long history of being a good investment.

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If you are not a professional jeweler you will have a hard time determining if the stone in the garnet earrings you want to buy is authentic or not. The cut and clarity are important. You will certainly want to make sure you are getting authentic garnet if you are purchasing them for a gift or investment. Make sure you do some research on the jeweler you are using before you make your purchase. You can also go online and learn more about garnets. You may also want to check the jeweler out with your Better Business Bureau as well to see if they have any complaints filed against them. Investing in fine jewelry is a good idea, but only if you are guaranteed you are purchasing authentic gemstones. A good jeweler will give you a money back guarantee and will not be out to scam you. Being cautious is important, but nevertheless, you will enjoy shopping for a new pair of garnet earrings, even if they are just for your girlfriend or wife.

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