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I am on my football running back sports watches and I hate to toot my own horn all the time, but what can I do (Honk, Honk!) I have 4 top 10 running back sports watches confirmed on my fantasy team, not to mention I had Kolby Smith in the line up last week as well. I think that qualifies me to project on Week 15’s Fantasy Football outlook.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs – LaDainian is getting into his groove and hitting the Target more and more as the NFL season passes us by. Actually, it is more like his offensive line is getting better and better as the season moves along, and it is a good time for them to be clicking, as the Kansas City Chiefs have been very susceptible to run as of late. Looks like they need to go to Walmart to stock up!

Expect LT to have another LT like performance against a Chiefs defense that can hold up against the pass but struggles with the run as evidenced by Justin Fargas’s 139 yards in Week 12. If Fargas can do that with the Raiders offensive line, there is no telling what LaDainian Tomlinson can do. Where do we stand with our running back watches?

2. Willis McGahee, Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots – Willis has scored touchdowns in 6 straight games, and we watch as he is a lock to get at minimum 40 rushing yards every week. So assuming his touchdown scoring streak continues (and it should since the Baltimore Ravens offense has no passing game in the red zone, nor anywhere else on the field for that matter), McGahee is good for at least 10 fantasy points.

Running back watches The Ravens as they will definitely try to shorten their game against the Patriots, which means there will be a heavy dose of running. It should fair quite effective since the Patriots can be attacked straight on when they are caught in one of their exotic defenses. Watch and expect a big fantasy football performance from McGahee, even though the Ravens will lose badly. Running back watches are available through watchiwatches.

3. Thomas Jones, New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins – Once again, another good running back to watch goes up against the Miami Dolphins for what should be another good running back performance to watch. Thomas Jones had his best game of the season against the Dolphins to get the Jets first win of the season, and I don’t expect anything to change in Week 15. Considering that Clemons should make the Dolphins defense pull back a little bit more than it did in the first contest.

4. Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Willie Parker couldn’t get much traction in the monsoon game against the Dolphins in Week 12, but in Week 13 he should get plenty of traction against a hybrid Cincinnati Bengals defense that just can’t stop the run. Watch his speed which when combined with the downhill run play calling of the Steelers are a bad match up for the Bengals defense that is soft and not too fast. Everyone watches when he’ll go for at minimum 125 yards if the game doesn’t get too ugly too soon.

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Best Running back Sports Watches
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I am on my football running back sports watches and I hate to toot my own horn all the time, but what can I do (Honk, Honk!) I have 4 top 10 running back s

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