Best Selling Yacht-Master 18K Gold Watch

Best Selling Yacht-Master 18K Gold Watch. Although Rolex relatively recently released the Yacht Master II, the original Rolex Yacht Master Gold Watch is still available to buy from many Rolex retailers.

The original Yacht Masters were launched in 1992, and were the first of Rolex’s range to make use of thicker hands on the dial as well as larger markings than were normal for the company.

The Yacht Master soon became one of the best sellers for the Rolex Company, and remains today one of the most popular sports watch produced by the company.

The 18K gold watch version of the Yacht Master from Rolex comes in two many variants, although the variations consist mainly of different colored dials, one being blue and one being champagne. There are of course other versions of the Rolex Yacht Master, and the watch can be found in many different combinations of manufacturing materials including platinum and steel.

The movement is automatic, also known as self winding, and although there are hour, minute and second hands, the hours themselves are not marked off on the dial. Rolex have also manufactured the Yacht Master with an Oyster bracelet also made of 18K gold.

The original Rolex Yacht Master has very few features, especially when compared with the newest versions of the watch. The older versions come complete with a date display, although the main features are made up of the bezel and casing, Rolex designed the bezel so that the wearer could make use of it to track the start of any yacht race that they happened to find themselves in.

Even though produced in limited numbers, Rolex of course doesn’t just say that the Yacht master should be owned by yacht owners, and it still makes for a stylish watch for those people who may never have even set foot on board a yacht.

Rolex also designed the Yacht Master to be both sturdy and robust. As a result it is a lot more bulky and heavier than many other watches available from Rolex. This though does allow it to be water resistant and protect from submersion up to a depth of one hundred meters.

The gold watch variant is of course not as sturdy as the steel variants although the crystal dial does ensure that it is protected to a certain extent from scratches that might easily occur when aboard a yacht. The overall look of the Rolex Yacht Master 18K Gold is a mixture of flash and simplicity at the same time.

The dial is easy enough to read and is not as complex as some of the later Rolex watches. For this reason many people make use of their Rolex Yacht Master in every day usage rather than onboard a yacht as you would expect.

Many people actually prefer the older Rolex Yacht Master as compared to the new Rolex Yacht Master II. It is less complex to use and easier to read to start with. The lack of features and functions rarely puts off people as they know that they are getting a top quality watch.

Prices for the 18K gold watch model are obviously higher than the other versions made from cheaper material, and prices upwards of thirty thousand dollars are not unknown. As this version is made of gold, it is perhaps not the most resilient of versions but is still robust enough to resist the normal water and workings associated with yachting, and as mentioned many people make use of it’s a as their daily use Rolex watch.

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