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The Skagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smart Watch (SKT1101P) is the Skagen hybrid smartwatch with the latest cutting edge time piece tech from Skagen watches for men which easily handles the pace of the world’s technological revolution. This beautifully designed watch appears to be of classical design however it surpasses expectations boasting a range of smartwatch features that many mens luxury watches still do not offer. The pioneering Skagen hybrid smartwatch is a masterpiece that has most harmoniously incorporated the timeless beauty of a classic watch with the best of a high tech sports watch.

The Skagen Hagen connected is a Skagen hybrid smartwatch with leather strap which can be easily synchronised and connected to your Android or iPhone. Download the Skagen App, connect and synchronise to receive discreet and filtered notifications to your emails, messages and calls. This Skagen hybrid smartwatch is truly a most beautiful and elegant watch par excellence offering eye catching styling and loads of useable smartwatch and sportswatch features that users would be happy to benefit from.

Skagen Hagen Connected Black Leather Hybrid Smartwatch
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Skagen Hagen Connected Black Leather Hybrid Smartwatch
  • The Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch combines innovative technology...
  • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more with the...
  • Track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, and...
  • When a notification or alert arrives for an important text, email or...
  • This stylish wrist essential is always on, always connected with a...

Skagen Men's SKT1101P Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch


    • Compatible with Android/iPhone & Skagen App
    • Discreet and filtered Notifications
    • Incoming text, email & call management
    • Standard CR2430 cell battery
    • Sleep and activity tracking features
    • Phone finder, music remote & much more
    • 42mm wide and 11mm thick case
    • automatic update of time zone
    • 4 styles in Hagen: Stainless steel ? Titanium cases mixed with leather and steel mesh straps
    • taking remote photo
  • Battery life between 4-6 months


    • Only one size available
    • Notifications are limited
  • Some of the link features will go unused

Skagen Hagen Connected Review a highly acclaimed Hybrid SmartWatch

• Skagen watch bands:
The Skagen hybrid smartwatch has a beauty and character that is accentuated with a beautiful black leather strap. The 20mm wide Skagen watch strap provides an elegant and classy look. The black colored leather Skagen watch strap suits formal, semi-formal and casual styling. The Skagen watch strap is obviously replaceable or interchangeable with numerous Skagen watch bands and can be easily found on any nearby Skagen store or can be easily ordered online. The Skagen watch bands easily close with the help of stainless steel buckle or clasp depending on the individual Skagen watch bands.

• Dial style and color:
The Skagen hybrid smartwatch has a beautiful round dial of the watch is white colored. The hour mark divider notations on the dial are silver. Hours marks are written in Arabian numerals. Minute markers are set on the outer circumference of the dial. There is also a sub-dial near the 9 hour of the watch that shows the movement of second hand. The minute and hour hand is represented by silver colored stainless steel batons. The hardened mineral glass dial window protects it from any kind of scratches or abuse.

• Sleekness and weight:
A typical sports watch, the Skagen hybrid smartwatch is not sleek from any angle but yeah it not heavy. The leather strap of the watch offers a comfortable and smart grip. It can be worn throughout the day without putting any extra effort.

• Batteries:
The Skagen hybrid smartwatch runs on a standard replaceable CR2430 cell battery. The watch can automatically update itself to right date and time due to this battery.

• Water resistance:
With 3 ATM water depth resistances, the Skagen hybrid smartwatch can easily withstand a everyday splashes of water or sudden rain. However best to avoid wearing it while taking shower, swimming or diving.

• Smartwatch feature:
The Skagen hybrid smartwatch is a really fun lifestyle accessory loaded with most smartwatch functions. It includes sleep and activity tracking, phone finder, music control and much more. A noteworthy feature of this watch is that you can answer all your calls through the watch and can read you instant messages and emails. The watch perfectly synchronizes with your smart phone.

• Skagen watches price:
Highly competitive and affordable price makes this watch one of the most sought after Skagen mens watches.

• Warranty:
This brilliant watch comes with an international manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

I hope this watch review featuring the Men’s SKT1101P will hopefully help you understand and appreciate the many features of this watch. A star watch in its category, Skagen Hagen connected leather hybrid smart watch can add a serious sparkle to your life.

This Skagen connected is the King of Skagen mens watches and a real challenger to expensive watch brands. Deserves to be included in affordable top 10 watch brands due to their engineering quality, style, functionality, affordability and ability to redefine mens fashion watches and become the most popular mens watches.

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