Eone watch review 2019

The Eone watch review 2019 comes with top rated customer reviews.  Featuring the bestselling eone Bradley element black, Eone watch battery and magnetic bearing watch from the Eone watch story as it unravels. The Eone Bradley Tactile was successfully funded as a Kickstarter project in 2013. It’s name was issued in honor of U.S. Navy lieutenant Bradley Snyder, a veteran of the Afghanistan war who was severely injured while diffusing a bomb and thereby also losing his sight. The Bradley Voyager are almost perfect watches that appeals to so many people including the blind. These are really fascinating watches that are affordable luxury watches stylish and robust enough to be amongst the best watches for men on sale …

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Eone watch review 2019

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Bestseller No. 1
EONE Bradley Element Black Steel Ceramic Quartz Watch
13 Customer Reviews
EONE Bradley Element Black Steel Ceramic Quartz Watch
  • Steel and Ceramic Case
  • Steel Bracelet
  • Modern Design
  • Feel the time by touch
  • Black PVD coating on the Case and Bracelet
Bestseller No. 2
Eone Bradley Steel Mesh Watch
14 Customer Reviews
Bestseller No. 3
EONE Bradley Titanium Watch Classic Italian Brown Leather
5 Customer Reviews
EONE Bradley Titanium Watch Classic Italian Brown Leather
  • Titanium Case
  • Italian Leather Strap
  • Quartz
  • Feel the time by touch
  • Modern Design
Bestseller No. 4
EONE Bradley Black Mesh Bracelet Tectile Modern Watch
4 Customer Reviews
EONE Bradley Black Mesh Bracelet Tectile Modern Watch
  • Tectile Watch
  • Titanium Case
  • Stainless Steel bracelet
  • Black PVD coating
  • Quartz
Bestseller No. 5
EONE Watch Bradley Voyager Cobalt Quartz Aluminum BR-DKVO
3 Customer Reviews
EONE Watch Bradley Voyager Cobalt Quartz Aluminum BR-DKVO
  • Tell time by touch
  • Swiss Quartz
  • Award winning design
  • Modern

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Their story is really unique and amazing …

Eone Bradley Bradley watch

Eone watch story continues further as rather than giving in to his disability, Bradley Snyder rose to the challenge and managed to struggle hard going on to win two gold medals and one silver for swimming in the 2012 Paralympics.

Undoubtedly, Bradley’s story gives a message of perseverance and strength to those that are able to resonate with it. The nicely produced Kickstarter campaign video, Bradley talks about the importance of self-reliance in his life, and his journey to find all solutions that allows him to do something without asking for help is of paramount significance to him.

The Bradley in it’s own right is a beautiful timepiece which has appealed to so many people not only beacause it is an amazing solution for blind people to read a watch. The Bradley can be easily read by your fingers whether you have eye sight or not. It appears as a watch from a distance, without conforming to all the standard watch conventions. Namely, the dial and the watch case are a single sculptural unit that is active on both the top and the sides. In so much you are able to both feel and see it completely.

Moreover it’s not just a novelty for those with eye-sight and normal vision as Kickstarter so cleverly point out in their video, it is being able to tell the time without looking at the watch which ads to it’s versatility. Grat to enhance your feelings and rational training You can be in a meeting, in school or having in the middle of a chat with a friend and loved one, where looking at your watch might be seen as rude. With a little practice, you can even learn to tell the time by discreetly feeling the watch under a table.

Coming back to telling the time above the table, the Bradley timepiece is also a really cool and interesting conversation starter. It has a 40mm titanium case which in it’s own right is quite mysteriously mystical and architectural at the same time having raised lips and slots with grooves, articulating lugs and the smooth transition of the glint of light from the ball bearing.

It looks like it wants to be held in high esteem whilst being held close to touch. The matte dark grey titanium perfects the silky smooth good looks, and the polished index standing off the top of the watch appears sharp so that you appreciate that the edges can be felt.

The grooves on the top and the sides, where the bearings reside, cast truly noteworthy fine shadows that appear to texturize the surface… summing it all up if a watch could ever be mesmerizing and encapsulatingly entrancing, this has got to be a top contender. If you were to tell me that this watch was designed by Sir Norman Foster many would beleive you including me.

What’s more this thing just cannot cease to amaze, it works like a normal two watch handed watches work, but rather than the hands being on the dial, they are replaced by a minute ball bearing on the top and an hour bearing running along the sideof the watch.

An initial glance may well be a puzzle to de-code, but it’s really quite simple to read visually once the concept of the watch understood. Having said the above you might just think there is a little something “weird” about feeling for the hour on the outside and minute inside.

Unimaginable how beauty resolves problems …

Bradley Braille watch

Reading it by touch is another matter. Initially you would locate the bearings based on the 12 marker, counting markers around easily and logically. Initially it might be perceived to be a little tricky needing a little  practice in order to be able to operate casually or quickly. Even greater for the blind who are proficient with brail using touch sensitivity to identify things, it would be really easy to pickup.

The story gets more and more interesting …

Eone watch review continues

The Bradley has a diameter of 13mm and it wears comfortably with the articulating lugs that hug around and conform to your wrist whilst adjusting to natural movement. The watch is also exceptionally light due to the titanium case and quartz movement. The watch captures you visually whilst coming accross as restrained and minimalist in nature.

The titanium grey exudes an austere and soothing look, with the minute bearing prompting contemplation housed in it’s channel with the markers standing erect above like guarding sentinels. Due to it’s quartz movement the watch does not have a seconds ticking hand, making it appear like a sculptured work of art frozen in time devoid of perceptible motion.

Thanks to the Bradley’s outstanding uniqueness, it doesn’t quite fit into normal dress and sport etcetera categories without inviting explanation. In fact you could wear it more or less wherever you want but be prepared people are going to ask you about it.

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What a pleasure it is to feature these really unique and interesting watches that are really affordable luxury watches good enough to be amongst the best watches for men on sale. Get yours now!

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Bradley watch Strap Options

The Eone Bradley has a number of interchangeable watch strap options, including steel mesh and a canvas military style strap in beige, black, green, blue and yellow. The mesh strap costs only $10 more so is well worth going for. It’s definately more elegant and looks really expensive, and compliments the all-round gun metal look of the watch. What’s more it dresses up the watch quite nicely. Moreover as the lugs are 20mm with spring-bars, you can always introduce third party watch straps.

Summarizing the Eone watch Review

The Eone Bradley watch review features one of those extremely rare examples of how beautiful aesthetics can work together and assist in problem solving. There are thousands of cheap watches with all kinds of weird gimmicky dials all lining up to get a glimpse of the spotlight. Many of them are eye-catching and ingenious, but very few of them have a deeper purpose.

The very fact that this amazingly cool watch rose from a very humble and pertinantly real issue, and was able to solve it most beautifully and elegantly, makes it an outstanding and meaningful choice for a timepiece. It compares well with many of the best designer watches on the market with much higher price tags.

No doubt the watch encompasses and owns it’s title with challenging design, and is a timepiece worthy of further consideration. Owning a totally modern and different timepiece, while being tasteful, is a real treat , one to savour and enjoy.

Of course, the well designed and beautiful Bradley is also really well built, justifying the around $275 on fabric version, and around $285 for the mesh version as well as around $315 for the blacked out version. We conclude that the Bradley is priced reasonably well to justify it’s outstanding qualities.

These are really fascinating watches that are affordable luxury watches good enough to be amongst the best watches for men on sale.

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Eone watch review 2019
Eone watch review 2019 1

The Eone watch review 2019 comes with top rated customer reviews.  Featuring the bestselling eone Bradley element black, Eone watch battery and magnetic be

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