Fashion watches the Absolute Must-Have Fashion Accessory

Fashion Watches, the Absolute Must-Have Fashion Accessory

My incessant desire to always know the time, combined with my fascination with fashion, has led to my love for my favorite must-have fashion watches fashion accessory . . . watches! As fabulous as fashion watches can be, trying to find the perfect watch can be difficult and overwhelming due to all of the styles, colors, and designs available. To make the search for your new favorite watch easier, I have outlined my own two personal favorite fashion watches and why I think that they are absolute must-haves for your accessory collection.
The first watch that I think everybody should own is part of the Betsey Johnson A-Go-Go fashion watches Collection. While Betsey Johnson offers a number of interesting and unique watches in various colors, my favorite watch from this collection consists of a black patent leather strap and a round silvertone case. I received this watch and fashion earrings as a college graduation present from my mom and I absolutely love it. As this watch is a boyfriend watch and is oversized watches style, I keep the strap loose so that the watch slides down on my wrist a little ways and, therefore, looks both cute and casual. While a black and silver watch might not seem special, there are a few details on this watch that make it stand out from all of the other watches that are out there. First of all, the inside of the strap consists of a leopard print that makes the watch seem slightly less conventional than your average watch. The numbers on the face of the watch also stand out and give off a slight sense of whimsy. The numbers are composed of twists and twirls and the numbers are both oversized and vary in size. In addition to the strap and the numbers, the crown and the clasp on the strap both consist of a subtle rose detail that adds a romantic touch to the watch. I recommend that everyone add this particular Betsey Johnson watch to their accessory collection because the watch is versatile and can be dressed up or worn with a more a casual outfit, the silver and black color theme of the watch makes it possible for the watch to be worn with almost anything, and the details on the watch simply make it feel special. Like shopping for costume jewellery online then a surprise offer bracelet watch and bangle watch can also be found by clicking on the following link: See our latest watch reviews including the latest Skagen watch review.

The second watch that I think everybody should own is the Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace from Urban Outfitters. Unlike more traditional watches, this watch doubles as an adorable necklace and is one of my must-have accessories. I originally came across this watch while browsing the Urban Outfitters website and, at such a reasonable price, I absolutely had to buy it for myself. While this watch comes in both a silver and gold tone, I personally prefer the silver tone because I think it makes the watch look more modern. One of my favorite features of this watch is the size of both the watch and the chain that the watch comes with. At thirty inches long, the chain makes it so that the watch hangs low and looks very modern and cool while, at one and a half inches in diameter, the watch also becomes the focal point of any outfit that it is worn with. While the Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace can be worn with a number of different pieces, I find that I especially like wearing the watch with jeans and a basic black v-neck tee. Wearing the watch with such simple pieces is an easy way to make an average outfit a lot more fun and stylish. I highly recommend the Grandpa’s Pocket Watch Necklace to those who are looking for a watch that is a little less conventional and stands apart from all of the rest.

Wrist watches likes these need serious consideration. Happy journey to the watch shop.

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