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fitness watches

Best fitness watches under $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000

Fitness watches are smartwatches with applications built-in. These are meant to monitor, track and analyse all kinds of activity related metrics…

garmin running watch

Best Garmin watches compared: Which Garmin watch suits me?

If you are into running and fitness then you have probably heard of Garmin. That’s why you have found this guide….


Best Fitbit Fitness Tracker Review

WatchiWatches proudly presents the latest reviews for the Top 20 Best Fitbit Fitness Tracker Wearables in the Fitness Tracker and Activity Tracker niches…

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The Top 20 Best Waterproof Activity Tracker

WatchiWatches proudly presents The Top 20 Best Waterproof Activity Tracker in in the Bestselling Watches and Activity Tracker niches with latest best waterproof…