Best Lord Timepieces Watch Review

A useful Guide How to choose and benefit from The Best Lord Timepieces Watch Review. Lord Timepieces Watch Review gives a brief History of Lord Timepieces Collections. Lord Timepieces came into being in 2015 with a premier watch brand that was manufactured to appeal to those people who would like to make the best use of their time in this world inorder to be of those stand out on the road to progress. They claim “Time is not measured by clocks, but by moments”

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In it’s short time in the market Lord Timepieces has managed to build a brand with customers in over 180 countries with over a million followers on social media.

Their mission is to inspire there users to inspire and encourage the user of Lord Timepieces to be driven, creative and motivated in the use of time.

Lord Timepieces say that they create products and communities that inspire the user to strive in performing at optimal performance levels inorder to become complete individuals ahead of the pack. Not only that but Lord Timepieces is a mark for contemporary lifestyle “livers” who live out and surpass their aspirations in life.

Lord Timepieces want to be part of the success of their users and are creating timepieces that the up and coming celebrities, gamers, athletes, bloggers, students, entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals gravitate towards for mutual benefit.

How are Lord Timepieces Made?

The Lord timepieces Watch Review was not able to fully ascertain how or where the watches are madeThe company website for Lord Timepieces does not mention how the watches are made

How Good are Lord Timepieces?

Our Lord Timepieces reviews will attempt to quantify how successful Lord Timepieces has been in reaching their stated objectives by reviewing their products over the course of time.

A little about the Warranty and Guarantee for Lord Timepieces

Lord Timepieces offer a 24 month warranty on all their products. Your can contact them by email support for further information and clarification

What is the Price Range for a typical Lord Timepiece?

Lord Timepieces are an online only watch brand with prices starting from aound $110 + and are sold directly to the public via their online shop as well as through portals like Amazon. Therefore you can be sure to get a premier quality watch at an affordable price. Lord Timepieces are available without the large profit margins the shops have to charge just to cover the extra costs associated with having a high street retail shop in a decent location. So Lord timepieces claim to be able to offer high quality and unique designs at a fraction of the cost associated with similar watch brands.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Lord Timepiece?

Pros and Cons of buying Lord Timepieces


    • Stylish Fashion Watches
    • 2 year Warranty
    • FREE Delivery Worldwide
    • Customers seem very happy
    • Affordable
  • Good Customer Services


    • Some Quality Control Issues
    • Chinese Movement
    • Not a watch for life
  • Not much known as very new company

Lord Timepieces Luxury Men's Solitude Black Black Tan Leather Watch -...
  • SURGICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - The watch casing is constructed of...
  • SCRATCH & WATER RESISTANT - All watches come protected with a sapphire...
  • JAPANESE MIYOTA - This watch features a very acurate Japanese Miyota...
  • ITALIAN LEATHER BAND (22mm) - Our premium leather bands are cut from...

We all at WatchiWatches hope you have benefitted from the Best Lord Timepieces Watch Review and have been able to choose the most suitable watch to help you enhance your personality and contemporary styling needs with Lord Timepieces. We will have more Lord Timepieces coming soon for the Lord Timepieces Watch Review.

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Review Overview

Lord Timepieces are a new fashion watches brand. As they are primarily a Fashion Watch Brand they are mainly bought to complete a fashion statement. As fashions change the need for newer more up to date fashion watches would arise. The warranty will cover for up to 2 years. Nice fresh happy go lucky watches

  • Design65%
  • Quality61%
  • Functionality65%
  • Value For Money64%
  • Custmer Service75%
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