Popochos Watch Skins; the Imazine Sports Ion Watch: A Fashion Match Made in Heaven


Popochos Watch Skins; the Imazine Sports Ion Watch: Fashion Watches, Find a match made in Heaven

Columbian slang for “cool” or “sweet,” Popochos are the new trendy accessory made to accompany the Imazine Sports Ion Watch. These must-have watch skins can change the look of your watch in a matter of seconds with a pop and a click.

Popochos Watch Skins

Popochos are trendy stylish accessories that “click” on and off of your watch changing its appearance for any outfit or occasion. The Popochos name features several lines of skins such as the Be Wild, Be Chic, and Be Shiny lines. These magical “skins” come in dozens of styles and colors; everything from handmade natural animal skins to shiny Swarovski® crystals to cute patterns with lips and flip flops. Whether you are looking for something cute and hip or something a little more sophisticated, the Popochos brand has something for everyone. Nice choice for a wrist watch for girl. Perfect store for bracelet watch and bangle watch. Silver watches for women now available.

The Imazine Sports Ion Watch

One of the most versatile watches ever, the Imazine Sports Ion Watch features a stretchy bracelet-like band, made from super-flexible silicone. These water-resistant digital watches have a small simple face making them a perfect choice for working out, traveling, or just for everyday use. They are a fab creation for both men and women alike.

What people (like me) are saying:

Upon receipt of my Imazine Sports Ion Watch and my new Popochos fashion watches skins, I immediately fell in love. As a bracelet lover, I absolutely loved the stretchy bracelet-like band that slips on and off your wrist without a clasp. The watches themselves are extremely comfortable and they look fabulous too. And the Popochos fashion watches skins just make them even more incredible. I love the fact that I can change the cover to match my outfit in seconds. The Imazine Sports Ion Watch and the Popochos are definitely a match made in heaven.

Where to get your Imazine Sports Ion Watch amp; Popochos

Popochos fashion watches skins range in price from $16 to $50 and are available at popochosusa.com and select retailers. To find a store near you, click here.

The Imazine Sports Ion watch can be found at popochosusa.com for around $15.99 in more than fifteen different colors. See our latest watch reviews including the Top Skagen watches reviews.


About the Creators

Popochos fashion watches, a long time dream of creators, David and Paula Nahmias, are proudly designed, created, and produced in Italy.

Wrist watches likes these need serious consideration. Happy journey to the watch shop.


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