There is a lot to like about the military styling of Seiko 5 SNZG, as well as its secure and full-featured Seiko 23 jewel Seiko 7s26c automatic movement, which is visible through the display window on the back of the watch. The robust and sturdy versatile styling of the SNZG makes it ideal for wearing on a daily basis.

With such outstanding value for money the The Seiko 5 Sports Men’s SNZG09K1 seems like a “no brainer” addition to any watch enthusiast’s collection, or perhaps the perfect mechanical for a young collector on starting out learning the ropes.

The Seiko 5 line is held up to much higher standards for excellence than most other watches in the $100 price range, not to mention it comes from a company with horological roots dating back the late 1800’s. The Seiko Watch Review would not be complete without this watch so whether you’re an avid collector or a newbie to the world of watches, please do appreciate the Seiko 5 for all its wonderful qualities and all that it stands for.

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The Seiko watch review would not be complete without this superb watch.