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Skagen Hald watch Review (SKT1205). WoW What an essential wearable designed exclusively for the modern busy woman. This Womens Skagen Hald Hybrid Watch Review hopes to allow you to appreciate how elegantly and discreetly it keeps the wearer connected whilst appearing so classic in design.

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Skagen Hald watch Review

What a masterpiece having a case thickness of only 10mm, the Skagen Hald Connected hybrid smartwatch also has an enviable range of smartwatch features within the body of this outwardly classic looking watch.

With a battery life of up to six months there is no headache to re-charge all the time! This hybrid smartwatch features built-in activity tracking with filtered notifications, and automatic time and date adjustment.

You can also use the Skagen hybrid watch to snap a photo, ring your phone and control your music and much more by using the customizable Skagen link button.

It is very easy to track your everyday accomplishments including steps walked, distance travelled and of course calories burned. Whats more you can also monitor your sleep duration and quality of of sleep.

A gentle buzz alert lets you know right away that a new notification or an alert for an important text, email and app update has arrived.

This fashionable and beautifully designed Skagen Hybrid watch amazingly is always on!

It is always connected and will automatically syncronise to your phone. Compatible with smart phones running Android OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+.

This lovely watch reviewed by us comes with a leather watch band. Like all Skagen Watches are inrechangeable with a full range of replacement watch bands. This stylish Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch from Skagen combines innovative technology with classic design. This Skagen Hald watch is a great gift for your dearest loved one. Everytime she takes an innocent glance at this watch she will smile as she is reminded of your striking good taste!

Features of this Skagen Hald watch SKT1205

• Band style:The beautiful 20mm wide black leather watch band perfectly complements the five minute bar spacers on the main watch dial. It completes the appealing look of the watch with a safe and secure closure. A perfect all round time piece, this watch will get you lots of attention in social and business gatherings. The length of the leather band is easily adjustable and doesn’t need a watch specialist. Anyone can do it.

• Dial style and color: The beautiful round mineral glass dial is quite impressive. The hour markers complement the vlack leather calfskin strap and contrast perfectly with the stainless steel watch bezel and dial. The 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour markers are represented in Arabian numeral style. All other hour markers are represented by Swarovski stones. The external perimeter of the golden dial is accentuated with silver stones. With these beautiful stones, one can easily mistake it to be an ultra expensive watch. The pull out crown on the dial is of same rose gold tone and can be used to adjust time.

• Case Diameter and weight:  The watch has a 40 mm diameter and the 10mm thickness perfect its sleek and slender look. It is a 8.8oz lightweight watch and is quite easyily worn all day long.

• Comfortable fit:  The leather calfskin strap with bukle clasp is so comfortable to wear. The clasp buckle provides a safe and secure closure and the leather strap grips your wrist softly.

• Water resistance:  With a water resistance of 100 feet, the time piece allows you to party along a pool side or enjoy leisure moments on a beach. Never wear it while swimming or diving as it can have adverse effects on the time piece. The pulling of crown has no effect on the water resistance of the watch.

• Warranty: The beautiful ornament is backed up with a 2-year international warranty.

• Price of the watch: The exorbitant looking watch is available at a very reasonable price that is hardly believable! It exudes such an regal aura and styling.

• Batteries: 1 LR44 batteries required. (included)

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This precious part of the Skagen family is a decent watch for those who would like the style of a classic watch with somewhat extended functionality offered by hybrid watches.

Hybrid watches are somewhat limited in their functionality as they can only use a few features of a regular smart watch. If you want more flexibility and functionality it would be better to go for a nice smartwatch or fitness tracker if you had more sporty inclinations.

As an all rounder the Skagen Hybrid watch reviewed by us is well made with good quality and should easily last 2/3 years.

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Concluding the Skagen Hald watch Review

We are confident that this SKT1205 Review will help you in your decision making process to find that perfect Best Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch Review for your needs 

Skagen Women's Hald Hybrid Smartwatch Black Leather SKT1205
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Skagen Women's Hald Hybrid Smartwatch Black Leather SKT1205
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  • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music and more with the...
  • Track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, and...
  • When a notification or alert arrives for an important text, email or...
  • This stylish wrist essential is always on, always connected with a...
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This review for the latest Skagen hybrid smartwatch for women features the Skagen SKT1205. It incorporates the latest and trusted customer reviews.  

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Skagen is the multi red dot award winning fashion accessory brand specializing in minimalist watch design. 

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Skagen Hald Watch Review 2019
Skagen Hald Watch Review 2019 1

Skagen Hald watch Review (SKT1205). WoW What an essential wearable designed exclusively for the modern busy woman. This Womens Skagen Hald Hybrid Watch Rev

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