Keeping track of time in this fast moving world is an art form that very few can perfect. Many of us are happy with the time keeping options offered by the latest smart watch. But, when it comes to complete your personal styling and look, a beautiful and elegant smart watch is an irreplaceable accessory. Some watch brands are revered to as a fashion statement creating a persona for the owner giving an enhanced feeling of confidence. Millions of people around the globe enjoy complementing their personalities with such beautiful time pieces. We are delighted to kick off our Top Watch Brands Review Site and buying guide with the sheer brilliance of the latest Top Skagen Watch Reviews 2017.


Top Skagen Watch Reviews 2017

WatchiWatches bring you top watch reviews and a buying guide which is especially meant for those who want to explore the amazing world of Skagen watches and own a watch to be an inspiration for others to follow. We provide the most comprehensive Skagen Watch Reviews for your comparison to help you get the most suitable and beneficial choice.

Skagen ‘Denmark’ watches is such a world-renowned watch brand.  This is a perfect opportunity to present you some of the top Skagen watch reviews for a wise and informed decision while selecting a Skagen watch for you or your loved one.

About Skagen

The history of Skagen watches dates back to 1987 when the analog watches were taking a back seat with the advent of computers. Right from kids to seniors and everyone in between loved the simplicity and convenience of digital watches. But a few master craftspeople in the art of watch manufacturing like Henrik and Charlotte returned back to their native country Denmark and began a memorable journey of creating Skagen Watches that was going to take the world by surprise.

Competing with the comfort and low prices of watches of that era, this couple decided to operate a watch manufacturing unit to keep the craftsmanship of analog watches alive. They adapted to the demands of the customers by providing reasonably priced watches but exceptional in design, quality, and engineering.  So, what we now see is a collection of high quality luxury watches that showcase the Danish skills, elegance, clean lines and above all the technical perfection. Owning a Skagen watch is an unstated bold statement that speaks about the luxurious taste and preference for excellence by the wearer.

Amongst the plethora of luxury watches available today Skagen watches are tough adversaries to contemporary luxury watch brands due to their highly competitive prices and sheer elegance, purposefulness, comfort and aesthetics. Having a Danish origin, Skagen watches are carefully crafted, meticulously designed and innovatively engineered to give the cleanest edges that make these watches simple yet pleasing to the eye, sculptured to perfection and unparalleled in sophistication.

These timeless masterpieces are the perfect example of modernism marrying innovation. The Skagen luxury watch brand is the answer to the world where an impetuous and demanding generation are in awe with the functionality and simplicity of its designs. In spite of being minimalist in appearance, Skagen watches are engineered to perform to the strictest accuracy under severest conditions. They let you feel comfortable, complete and composed to match any occasion you are celebrating in our contemporary lifestyles.

Skagen watches is the signature for a stylish and healthy lifestyle. These watches are the epitome of luxury watch brand superior design made with high-quality material and the unswerving functionality. They are made with a goal to let you tread your chosen paths with perseverance and style. Skagen watch reviews will help you find and get your most suitable choice.

Skagen watches for men and Skagen watches for women have the class and styling that redefines fashion. Skagen watches range from fine workplace accessories to decent and chic exclusives for one-off special occasions in life. The superior craftsmanship mastered with centuries of experience is the highlight in Skagen watches that offer contemporary concepts fit for today’s generation. The watches are unconventional in looks, precise in functionality and elegant to fit any place and setting in the world right from a business meeting to a revered social occasion. Browse through our Skagen watches reviews and consider our top tips to easily help get the best watch for you!

Features to look into a Skagen Watch

Before going ahead with Skagen Watches reviews, let’s look at some of the features to compare these superb watches in order to select the best one for you.

Dial style and color

Skagen offers a variety of colors in Skagen dials. If you are buying the watch to wear at your workplace or for professional endeavors, look for a decent dial color like white, black or gray. But if you have to wear it for other formal or informal occasions, you can try blue, brown and other trendy colors.  You also can choose from the shape of dial face like round or square.

Skagen watch bands

Skagen watches offers the interchangeable Skagen watch strap or Skagen watch bands with various metallic and leather bands also available in a variety of colors. If you like a sturdy band, get a metallic band watch as it relatively easier to clean. The metallic band watches go very nicely with professional outfits. Buy a leather band watch if you are more of an outdoors, sports or casual person.

Time Indices or Markers

Skagen watches vary in how the time is indicated. It can be un-numbered or marked with small metallic bars, crystals or metallic type drops or discs. Some watches have numbers at two, four, ten or all twelve places.  The basic idea is that Skagen watches are very innovative in creating an awesome style of markers in every watch they produce. It is totally up to your preference and comfort.


A sleek watch has many advantages. They are more appealing if you are not fond of those bulky heavyweight watches also trending these days. Check out a sleek Skagen watch that slips conveniently under your shirt cuffs without making you uncomfortable or feeling stuffy.


The wrist is a delicate body part that carries the weight of a watch. If you work for long hours, so why not select a lightweight watch so that your wrist does not have to bear the stress of a bulky watch?


You can also check out the Skagen watches with the bezel. It is a ring located at the top side of the watch case if you want to do some activities that involve time keeping or recording the time elapsed in an activity. You can select from static, unidirectional or bidirectional bezel according to your need.

Luminous hands for dark/night

For adventurers and explorers moving around in darkness is an essential part of outdoor activities. They need accessories that support their adventures irrespective of the time of the day. So, if you too have such requirements buy a Skagen watch with luminous hands, hour marking or numbers. Read our Skagen watch reviews to get to know the most suitable options available.


A watch closure is an important aspect since it defines the comfort of wearing a watch. Choose the one from the Skagen watches reviews which you can conveniently close single-handedly. The options are usually a Buckle or a Two-fold clasp mechanism.

Customizable to fit

We strongly recommend a watch that fits you perfectly. If you select a watch with the leather band then it can be easily adjusted to fit your wrist. But if the watch you wish to buy is metallic or stainless steel, then ensure that you get it customized to fit your size. It can be done by readjusting the clasp or by removing one or two links. If your chosen model does not allow this, select a watch from the various Skagen Watches Reviews that fits perfectly well from the start.

Date /Calendar

If you don’t rely on your mobile for scheduling appointments and meetings then you definitely need a Skagen watch with date or calendar. Choose a model carefully since all Skagen watches do not offer this feature.

Size of dial

It’s an age of big and heavy watches that look robust and say a lot about the wearer. But if you are considering buying a Skagen watch, you will get a range of slim and sleek watches with medium sized dials.

Skagen waterproof watch

Almost all watches from Skagen Watches are water resistant but to varying degrees of protection. Consider the kind of recreational activities you enjoy and the kind of weather prevailing in your city. Select a Skagen waterproof watch with a suitable water resistance capability.

Ease of cleaning

You should be able to clean the watch will least efforts and accessories. The cleaning process must be simple to follow without any risk to your purchase.

Skagen watch Price

Of course keeping your budget in mind is the most important aspect of any purchase. The good part is that Skagen Watches offers a wide range of brilliant watches including the latest Smart watches in various price ranges. Anyone who stresses much upon quality will of course compromise a little to the very affordable Skagen watches price too.

Skagen watches men

Skagen Men’s SKT1101P Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Men's SKT1101P Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

The Hagen Connected hybrid smartwatch is a pioneering masterpiece and amazing fusion of state of the art watch making brilliance incorporating the best of high tech sports watches and the timeless beauty and elegance of a classic watch par excellence. By simply connecting your Hagen connected Leather hybrid smartwatch to your Android™ or iPhone® and the SKAGEN app, discreet and filtered notifications are received when you receive an incoming text, email or call. The Skagen Men’s SKT1101P Hagen connected leather hybrid smartwatch automatically updates itself to the correct time and date whilst running on a standard replaceable CR2430 cell battery. Further noteworthy Smartwatch features include: sleep and activity tracking facility, phone finder, music control and much more. The beautiful leather strap can of course be easily replaced or interchanged with other 20mm straps. Click to read more of the Skagen Men’s SKT1101P Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch review.


Skagen Men’s SKW6104 Ancher Black Leather Watch

skagen_men's_skw6104_ancher_black_leather_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

Classiness of leather never goes out of trend. That’s what makes this watch a masterpiece in slim watches. The black dial surface and the matching black calfskin leather band with a buckle raises the style quotient of this watch manifolds. Time indices are in sleek silver bars along with a small date window.

It is an all weather timekeeping accessory with a promise of resisting water splashes for a brief contact. You have to remove it while swimming or taking shower. This watch is designed to give a polished and sophisticated look to the wearer. Once you own this watch you will not exchange it for any other brand of watch. Its comfort and elegance is an experience to cherish. It looks luxurious but is lightweight and thin.  50 Amazon customers have rated it with 4.9 stars endorsing its superior quality. You can gift this amazing watch to win your boyfriend or hubby all over again. Click to read the full Skagen Men’s SKW6104 Ancher Black Leather Watch Review here.


Skagen Men’s 531XLSXM1 Laurits Stainless Steel Link Watch

skagen_men's_531XLSXM1_laurits_stainless_steel_link_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This is another excellent wrist timepiece that is rightly priced considering its awesome looks and comfort of wearing. It is scratch resistant that stays just like new due to superior quality mineral dial window. If you like thin and lightweight watches, Skagen Men’s 531XLSXM1 Laurits Stainless Steel Link Watch will fit your taste perfectly and pleasantly.

As you keep on wearing this watch over days, weeks and years, you will fall in love with its simplistic design that fits almost every occasion. It’s semi-casual appearance with silver band and clasp gives it a rugged feel. It’s dark gray raised dial face and luminescent hands make it functional in a dark room or alley. It is beautifully crafted, so it looks like an elegant watch that can be owned by spending quite less than a fortune. A rating of 4.7 given by 37 Amazon buyers makes it one of the preferred among Skagen men watches.Click to read the top Skagen Men’s 531XLSXM1 Laurits watch review here


Skagen Men’s SKW6237 Holst Dark Brown Leather Watch

skagen_men's_skw6237_holst_dark_brown_leather_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This is a stylish sleek watch from Skagen that looks contemporary and smart. It is guaranteed to attract the attention of the men of today’s generation. It is a gorgeous watch that fits any wrist without causing discomfort or stress on the wrist. It’s blue sunray dial face and the dark brown leather strap is an unusual blend of colors but exhibit a sense of elegance to the onlookers. Its appearance is enhanced with its slim baton hands that show time by moving along the elegant rectangular hour markers.

Skagen Men’s SKW6237 Holst Dark Brown Leather Watch is sleek and smooth to wear and can be easily secured with a sturdy clasp. It is waterproof to be worn while enjoying few splashes of water, a brief span of swimming or light rain showers. You cannot wear it while snorkeling or diving. You will fall in love with this beautiful watch which has garnered great reviews and a 4.7-star rating from 23 Amazon buyers. Read more of the Skagen Men’s SKW6237 Holst Dark Brown Leather Watch Review here.


Skagen Men’s SKW6085 Havene Saddle Leather Watch

skagen_men's_skw6085_havene_saddle_leather_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This analog watch gets its amazing looks from a gray numberless dial, an apt date window, and a well-placed sub-dial. It is comfortable to wear since its band is made from leather calfskin and a convenient buckle to clasp it easily. Its glass is completely scratch proof. This watch can be worn while short durations of swimming or other leisure activities in the water like fishing, boating or kayaking.

The magic in the looks of this watch is created with the perfect use of colors. The hands of the watch are given a majestic copper hue. The hour and minutes hands are enhanced in appeal with a white glow going down towards the watch center. The brown leather band of the watch is the final touch to its excellent appearance. The stopwatch function is again a thoughtful addition to this amazing masterpiece from Skagen. Getting a rating of 4.5 stars from 16 Amazon buyers, this watch gets an enviable position among decent Skagen Denmark watch list for men. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6085 Havene Saddle Leather Watch Review.


Skagen Men’s SKW6066 Holst Quartz Multi Stainless Steel Dark Brown Watch

Skagen Men's SKW6066 Holst Quartz Multi Stainless Steel Dark Brown Watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This analog watch gets its amazing looks from a gray numberless dial, an apt date window, and a well-placed sub-dial. It is comfortable to wear since its band is made from leather calfskin and a convenient buckle to clasp it easily. Its glass is completely scratch proof. This watch can be worn while short durations of swimming or other leisure activities in the water like fishing, boating or kayaking.

The magic in the looks of this watch is created with the perfect use of colors. The hands of the watch are given a majestic copper hue. The hour and minutes hands are enhanced in appeal with a white glow going down towards the watch center. The brown leather band of the watch is the final touch to its excellent appearance. The stopwatch function is again a thoughtful addition to this amazing masterpiece from Skagen. Getting a rating of 4.5 stars from 16 Amazon buyers, this watch gets an enviable position among decent Skagen Denmark watch list for men.


Skagen Men’s SKW6108 Ancher Grey Mesh Watch

skagen_men's_skw6108_ancher_grey_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

If style is what you are seeking with minimalist design needs of the current age then Skagen Men’s SKW6108 Ancher Grey Mesh Watch is what you will be glad to own.  A look at this deep gray watch tells you all that you would like to know about it. The mesh strap with a clasp buckle completes the elegant look. The hours are represented along the dial with simple silver straight lines. The calendar date is an easy way to remain organized for appointments and business meetings.

Its robust construction is resistant to all kinds of rough usage. It’s a flat watch that adorns your wrist and easily hides under the cuffs of formal wear or casual wear having elastic bands on sleeve ends. As you keep on wearing it year after year, you will hardly find any fading of the steel metallic strap. Its glass is of superior quality that resists all kinds of scratches whether you a daily traveler, an active sportsman or a working professional.  With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 given by 63 Amazon customers, you can trust the decision of many others like you who respect elegance in simplicity. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6108 Grey Mesh Watch Review.


Skagen Men’s 233XLTTN Grenen Grey Titanium Mesh Watch

skagen_men's_233xlttn_grenen_grey_titanium_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This is a sturdy blue dial watch that looks dynamic and trendy. The navy blue dial is enclosed in the titanium case giving it a cool look that can go perfectly well with the men who live life in the fast lane. The crystal mineral glass is scratch proof making it a long lasting watch for many years to come.

Overall it is an attractive piece of workmanship that is slim, lightweight and bears a classic look that matches any attire or appearance. The appealing deep metallic blue dial lets you appreciate the exquisite details defined with the finely crafted and rightly placed hands and numbers. The fine mesh taking the form of watch’s band is robust and highly dependable. Its clasp doesn’t open unintentionally since it is manufactured with a great care with a 3- way locking system. This exquisite looking watch earns worthy 4.3-star rating from 423 Amazon buyers who have appreciated its versatility as an all day watch suitable for swimming, fishing, biking, hiking or simply working in the kitchen for a quick meal. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s 233XLTTN Green Grey Titanium Mesh Watch Review.


Skagen Men’s SKW6078 Melbye Grey Titanium Mesh Watch

skagen_men's_skw6078_melbye_grey_titanium_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This watch is again a star in the category of Skagen men’s watches. The mineral crystal glass and round gray dial is a captivating feature of this beautiful watch. You will feel confident and well dressed when you wear the silvertone metal mesh band adorning this Skagen watch.  The blue accent as a track on the dial to decipher the seconds adds to the beauty of this amazing watch

The titanium dial is complemented with day and date windows placed at 3 o’clock positions. It has a well-thought design that makes it a perfect watch for both formal and informal occasions. It is an ideal gifting option for the special man in your life.  It is the best timekeeping companion that can go along while swimming or shower since it can withstand the challenge of water up to 50 ft depth. We consider it a good choice for all those who take the life as a relentless enjoyment. A rating of 4.3 bestowed by 93 Amazon customers speaks a lot about its quality. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6078 Melbye Grey Titanium Mesh Watch Review.



Skagen Men’s SKW6086 Holst Saddle Leather Watch

skagen_men's_skw6086_holst_leather_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

A perfect looking Skagen watch is itself a treat to watch. Its looks include a gray dial; two subdials one for a day of the week and the other one displaying the date of the month. The sub dials are textured to create a dramatic feel of the Skagen Men’s SKW6086 Holst Saddle Leather Watch. The indices and hands are luminous to give you time-check anywhere anytime

The Gold Tone calfskin Leather is accentuated with a classic Stainless Steel buckle for easy closure. The buckle gives you the ability to adjust the leather band according to your fit and comfort. A warm feeling is created by the soft to touch brown leather band. Wear this watch and forget this lightweight accessory. Just watch your movements since the leather band can be ruined in rain or near an aquatic location. All the god features of this superb watch get a worthy 4.3-star rating from 78 Amazon buyers. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6086 Holst Saddle leather Watch Review.

Skagen Freja Steel Mesh Watch

This is a superior watch for the men who love to dive, splash, swim and play in the water. It stays perfectly fine in water as deep as 99 ft. It is a modest looking watch but a close look will assure you that even in the minimalist designs, Skagen ensures the classiness that is its USP. It is a wear and forgets accessory that puts no weight of your wrist by giving you a confident and elegant look at the same time.

If you prefer big faced watches then this is the one from the exquisite collection of Skagen watches. It’s bold and big numbers add an element of fun to this soberly designed watch. You will keep on getting the compliments that this watch rightly deserves. Its graceful steel mesh band and a sturdy clasp include it to the global list of best Skagen men’s watches. It great appearance and the accuracy has given it 4.6-star rating from 39 Amazon customers.

Skagen Men’s SKW6082 Ancher Saddle Leather Watch

skagen_men's_skw6082_ancher_saddle_leather_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

After trying countless other slim and minimalist watches, Skagen Men’s SKW6082 Ancher Saddle Leather Watch will steal your heart forever. It has a beautiful round white dial that displays the hours in Arabic markers. You can refer to the current date by a brief look on the clear circular date window above 6 o’clock. It’s blue colored second hand is the perfect contract to enhance its appearance.

Taking into consideration that it stays on your wrist for a long time, the smooth leather band with buckle closure is the comfort that you will love to relish. It is a good option for the men who seek relaxation after work hours and look forward to surprise get-togethers. It is water resistant to 30 m. So, go and enjoy the fun -filled beach picnics, poolside parties or quickie meals in the coziness of your kitchen. By earning a 4.0-star rating from 83 Amazon customers this perfect day accessory is much loved by its buyers. Click here to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6082 Ancher Saddle Leather Watch Review

Skagen Men’s SKW6187 Hald Steel-Mesh Watch

Skagen Men's SKW6187 Hald Steel-Mesh Watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

Skagen is a big player in watch industry so with Skagen Hald Steel-Mesh Watch men get a pocket-friendly watch that is sleek, slim and lightweight. The material used to craft this wonderful timepiece is stainless steel and dial coated in a gold finish. A nice touch from the Skagen is the golden mesh strap that drapes around the wrist smoothly causing. The band features quick release pin and the lug holes are invisible since they are designed on the internal rod of the band.

The low price of the watch can easily fool the onlooker but a look on the watch will tell you that it is not cheap junk. The Skagen Hald Watch is of high quality with well-designed appearance. Some might look for advanced features of the smart watch but this is unquestionably a well tried and tested watch down to its core. The watch is water resistant, includes twenty-three preset indentations, sleek profile, sparkling hour jewels and comes with a 2-year warranty. With 4.6 star rating from 22 satisfied customers, this one is one of the best and most reliable watches in the Skagen watches review list. Click to read the latest Skagen Men’s SKW6187 Hald-Steel Mesh Watch Review.


skagen watches women

Skagen Freja Steel Mesh Watch

skagen_freja_steel_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

The Skagen Freja Steel mesh watch is the signature minimalist design with an elegance that can only be experienced after owning it. It has a stainless steel case for a sturdy body. The dial shows numbers at 12 and 6.  The rest of the numbers are simply given as metallic dots which look beautiful and unique.  Stainless steel mesh band completes the designer look of the watch by seamless assimilation of the watch body to the band.

With an enhanced water resistant degree than other Skagen watches, you can enjoy swimming, diving or shower wearing this watch. The two stage clasp secures and fits on your wrist so that you can relax and move about without any worry. It is extremely lightweight to wear and so comfortable that you will almost forget to remove it at night. Its dark colored dial is an excellent feature and the whole color contrast of this watch is the reason for fetching a whopping 4.6 rating from 39 Amazon buyers. Click to read more detailed Skagen Freja Mesh Watch Review.


Skagen Women’s 358SGSCD Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Watch

Skagen Women's 358SGSCD Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

If you want something luxurious within your budget then Skagen Women’s 358SGSCD Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Watch qualifies as the most suitable accessory. It gets the regal appearance with its round gold-tone case and complementing lugs. Its white dial is a perfect background to time check displayed, by twelve crystal hour markers. It is an easy to read watch that can be worn for any formal or semi formal occasion.

The stainless steel band is in mesh form to give a sleek but sturdy structure to the watch. It can be easily secured on the wrist with its fold-over push-button clasp. Once held, it will not open accidentally. It is not recommended to be worn while swimming or diving since it has the water resistance only up to 99 ft. It gets the mineral glass window that does allow you to enjoy a light splash or a shower of rain. This lovely watch gets a 4.3-star rating from 115 Amazon customers who appreciate its fashion accessory appeal. Click to read the latest Skagen Women’s 358SGSCD Freja Stainless Steel watch Review.


Skagen Women’s Mesh and Glitz Watch

skagen_women's_mesh_and_glitz_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

Here we have a beautiful example of glamorous silver watches for women that is made from a silver tone metal, hardened mineral crystal glass and crystals embedded for hour markers. Its stainless steel case is complemented with stainless steel mesh band that is adjustable to wear. You don’t have to look for an expert of Skagen watches to remove links for fit.

The overall feel of this watch is comfortable even with a mesh strap and a clasp buckle. Its crystals give it an understated but grand look that is not at all flashy. It gives you a feel of an expensive watch since you know that you have not spent a fortune on this essential luxury. The stainless steel construction is reaction proof and easy to clean. It remains perfectly fine even if you wear it while doing your daily chores in kitchen, gardening, bathing your baby or playing with kids. Its comfortable wear and nice attractive looks have earned it 4.3 stars from 282 Amazon customers. Click to read the latest Skagen Women’s Mesh and Glitz watch Review.


Skagen Rose Gold Tone Steel Watch

skagen_rose_gold_tone_steel_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

This Stainless Steel watch from Skagen is an ultimate timepiece with a touch of gold. Its sophisticated looks are due to its rose gold-tone case. The white dial is accentuated with Swarovski elements as hour markers. The Stainless steel bracelet is an ultimate addition to give it an appealing look completed with a safe and secure fold-over push-button clasp. You can secure it on your wrist easily.

This watch can be safely worn in up to 99 ft deep water. Wear it on while enjoying leisure moments at beach or poolside, but avoid swimming or diving. The golden hands for hours and minutes and a golden track at the external perimeter is a combination that can be easily mistaken to belong to an expensive watch. The pull out crown can be used to adjust the time but it doesn’t give any option to increase its water resistance. Outstanding in looks and functionality, this watch has earned raving reviews and impressive 4.1 stars rating by 63 Amazon buyers. Click here to read the detailed Skagen Rose Gold Tone Steel Watch Review.


Skagen Women’s SKW2142 Gitte Rose Gold Mesh Watch

skagen_women's_skw2142_gitte_rose_gold_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

The Skagen Women’s SKW2142 Gitte Rose Gold Mesh Watch is a great example of the beauty of elegant oversized watches. The elegant rose gold-tone having the signature minimalist design. The dainty white dial carries round-dot golden hour markers and rose gold-tone hour and minute hands. This queen of oversized watches is a secure and shout aloud watch manufactured to the usual Skagen high standards with stainless steel case and extra hardened mineral glass, giving you an excellent piece of ornimental artistry with the satisfaction of knowing that the  scratch-proof surface will last for many more years to come.

The Skagen waterproof watch standard also applies here with water resistance up to 100 ft or around 30m so everyday activities can be handled easily. Its rose-gold mesh band adds to the timeless class and elegance of this fabulous women’s watch which is effortlessly locked into position with a fold over push-button clasp. It’s a great watch to add a spark of unexplainable glamor to a formal dress up or professional look to your workplace attire. It is an inexpensive and very affordable watch considering its numerous merits which actually makes it look very sophisticated and exotic. The durability of the watch is a typical feature of Skagen watches. Getting 4.5-star ratings from 58 Amazon buyers is a reliability benchmark that you can trust while choosing this watch. Click to read the latest Skagen Women’s SKW2142 Gitte Rose Gold Mesh Watch Review.


Skagen Women’s Anita SKW2147 Watch in Saddle Leather with Goldtone Case

Skagen Women's Anita SKW2147 Watch in Saddle Leather with Goldtone Case-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

If you are not one of those who prefers purely metallic watches then get Skagen Women’s Anita Watch. It is made with stainless case and elegant looking soft brown leather calfskin band. The buckle closure secures it to your wrist allowing you to fit it as needed.

The Skagen Anita watch is one of the slimmest models by Skagen, with clean lines that look contemporarily stylish for any kind of occasion. It fits perfectly with a party wear dress as well with a business suit to attend workplace meetings. The face of the watch is a bit on the larger side of size and can be classified in the oversized watches niche but the saddle leather band balances it well to give it a graceful feel. With a water resistance degree only for mild shower or splashing, the leather band holds well even if it gets thoroughly wet. It retains the original soft and supple texture and the sheen. It’s good quality and stunning looks earn it a 4.4-star rating from 29 Amazon customers. Click to read a detailed Skagen Women’s Anita SKW2147 Watch in Saddle Leather with Gold tone Case Review.


Skagen Anita Sub-Eye Leather Watch SKW2415

Skagen Anita Sub-Eye Leather Watch SKW2415-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

The Skagen Anita Sub-Eye Leather watch is a professional looking watch with a white dial face and a leather band in black color. It is a star watch from Anita collection that is water resistant up to 165 feet. It is a beautiful, lightweight and slim masterpiece in watches. It displays the original style typical to all Skagen watches. The curved crystal face watch that sparkles your day with its sparkling appeal.

This is a well-proportioned watch by wearing which you will keep on getting compliments all day along. Its falls in the category of luxurious looking watches available in affordable price. It has the capability to wow you with its flawless craftsmanship and an everlasting design. All those dainty ladies with fragile wrists can adorn this watch giving them a medium sized but beautiful watch. It is an easy to read watch with large numbers for hours and minutes and a sub-dial for seconds. The 4.4 rating by 9 Amazon customers is a testament to its wide acceptance.  Click to read the latest Skagen Anita Sub Eye leather Watch SKW2415 Review.


Skagen Denmark Womens Anita Watch In Two Tone With Metal Link Bracelet

skagen_denmark_womens_anita_watch_In_two_tone_with_metal_link_bracelet-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

A truly Danish watch in design and appearance, the Skagen Denmark watch for women aka Anita Watch has a remarkable feature that enhances its appearance to a great level of excellence. The watch looks like a classy bracelet with a double tone metal link band and a deployant clasp.

Its round shape having sunray dial looks quite chic with raised outer dial. The hours and minutes hands are gold-tone moving along ten crystal hour markers. The dial presents only two numbers 12 and 6 giving it a mystifying smart look. The mineral dial window glass is foolproof against all kind of use and abuse. it fights all the scratches and nicks unavoidable at workplace or home. You can wear it all the day even when you have to do some tasks involving water. It could not handle deep waters while diving or swimming, so you must avoid such conditions. This smart and elegant watch is one of the best offers from Skagen scoring a 4.8-star rating from 7 Amazon buyers.
Click to read the latest Skagen Denmark Women’s Anita Watch in Two Tone with Metal Link Bracelet Review.


Skagen Women’s SKW2141 Gitte Gold Mesh Watch

skagen_women’s_skw2141_gitte_gold_mesh_watch-Latest-Skagen Watches Reviews

Get this wonderful round queen of oversized watches with a dual layered silver dial and dot markers that look just like a large sundial on a golden bracelet with the elegance of perfect design proportions. Its super hardened mineral dial window is scratch proof and waterproof but only in brief splashy moments of enjoyment in water. Its golden steel mesh band is sleek, fine and comfortable to be closed with a fold-over push-button clasp safety closure.

This is a bright looking watch that is capable of adding a welcome sparkle to your days and glitzy glimmer to your nights. It has that perfect touch of class that makes it a versatile watch to wear for any kind of occasion and for as long as you wish. It is so lightweight that unless someone compliments you on your brilliant choice of watch you will forget you are wearing it. The unique look created by the touch of gold and silver makes it precious and appealing. These types of ladies designer watches can be worn by those who love golden watches as well as those who love those trendy ladies silver watches. This watch gets an enviable 4.3-star rating from 24 Amazon buyers. Click to read the latest Skagen Women’s SKW2141 Gitte Gold Mesh Watch Review.


How to take care of your precious Skagen Watch?

Skagen understands the hasty lives of the current generation don’t have time to spend on petty chores like cleaning your watch. So, Skagen ensures that while cherishing the experience with your favorite watch, you don’t needlessly have to worry about taking its care. You can do these simple things.

  • Whenever your Skagen Watch battery needs replacement, you can get it done from a jeweler or a Skagen retailer. Just ensure that you get a battery replacement as per the recommendation for your Skagen model.
  • Return the crown of the watch to its normal working position before you enjoy your favorite aquatic activity and your watch touches the water.
  • You can enjoy a relaxing hot bathtub or sauna, but your Skagen watch doesn’t. Take it off your wrist before you hit your restroom.
  • Take your Skagen watch to an authorized Skagen watch service center after every 3 years and get its seals replaced. It is essential so that you can enjoy different locations and weather wearing your cherished watch.
  • Know your Skagen watch thoroughly and wear it according to the recommended water resistant capability of the watch.
  • You can clean the watch and the band with four parts of rubbing Ammonia and one part water with the help of a soft cloth. Avoid all kinds of soap products or harsh chemicals usually suggested for other accessories. You can also use a solution of Ammonia based window cleaner and water in the ratio of 4:1. These solutions evaporate immediately, so your watch will remain clean and dry. Don’t soak your watch in any of these solutions.

Final Advice

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